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"Your First Step Towards Your Black Belt

Starts With Your First Kick".



Master Joe Taekwondo

Senior Master Joe is a 6th Dan Taekwondo Black Belt. He was graded under

Master Raymond Cullen for his (1st Dan ), Master Tony Slaney ( 2nd Dan ),

Grand Master David Jordinson ( 3rd Dan ), Grand Master Kim Yong Ho (4th Dan ),

Grand Master David Jordinson (5th Dan ) and Supreme Grand Master Ro Hee Sang for his 6th Dan . 

Before you chose an instructor for your own or child's martial arts education, ask for their qualifications.

Master Joe Taekwondo is Tradisitonal Taekwondo.

"You Can Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To".



"I have learned much more than just Taekwondo skills in our club, I have learned respect, resilience and integrity, and I’ve made great friends along the way. "

CAITLIN (13 years of age)

December 2020

"Thank you for everything you did during a very difficult 2020"

Kavanagh & White family

December 2020

" I get to see my friends who are now like my family. I also learn lots of different things like kicks , punches , poomsaes , self defence and more.".

Ella (13 Years of age)

January 2021

" The second I put my foot on the mat I knew taekwondo was meant for me.

I’ve made great friends, had lots of fun at Camp Kwons. I’ve had opportunities to travel to Manchester and France. Master Joe is the best coach..".

Liam (10 Years of age)

January 2021

"During Lockdown, When Others Clubs Closed, We Went ONLINE. Once You Start To Train, It's Difficult To Stop!".


An Amazing Taekwondo Camp For Members Only. 


Master Joe's Taekwondo is glad to invite new prospective members to register their interest for Taekwondo classes in one of our clubs by clicking the link below.

Please note that some of our classes have very limited spaces so a waiting list may be in place.

We offer place on a  first come first served.

We currently have a waiting list but are getting through this list as fast as possible. 


Tiger Taekwondo

Tiger Taekwondo classes refer to children who are 7 year of age to 12 years of age. 

There are 4 tiger classes a week throughout our clubs group. 

Tiger classes are conducted a little differently than our other classes. This is because Tiger students are very young and need a little time to develop their skills in their skills. 

Children who are 12 and in secondary school do not attend this class.



The 5pm class accepts child in a little younger children who are 12 years - 17 years of age. 

Unlike the Tiger class, this class is more formal and structured. Those in this class will set clear goals for themselves to strive towards. It's also a feeder class from the tiger class so there can be younger students in this class who have already achieved their Blue Belts in the tiger class meaning, they are quite advanced for their age. 





As adults we can often fall in to the habit of getting up, going to work, coming home, having dinner and sitting in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. 

Well its time to make a change to your self!

Our adult class is conducted different to the tigers and teen classes. 

We are all adults and if you need to sit down during the class, just sit down. If you need a drink of water, take a drink!

You are not expected to do what the kids do and you will set your own goals. The evaluation system is exactly the same as in all Taekwondo classes. You can achieve belts and in time, even achieve your black belt. 



2020 was a year when virtual or Online training became very important for our students.

With many Karate and Taekwondo Clubs closing not only here in Ireland, but around the world, we had to adapt. 

This was a difficult adaptation. But, during lockdown one, our online training became easier for not only Master Joe, but for our students also. 

By lockdown two, we were doing online and location training. 

And now, we see the online training as just another training class for our students who might not make a regular class due to traffic, sickness or time. 

We now have ONE online Taekwondo class every week.    



To Book A Trial Class 

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 Book An ONLINE Trial Class 

*Ongar Community Centre

*Ratoath Community Centre

*Ashbourne Community Centre

*Powerstown Educate Together School


WhatsApp: 086 33 555 60

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