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The Questions Parent Of New Students Always Ask!


1 : When and where are the classes held?

A : To Find Your Nearest Class, click Classes

2: Will my child get hurt?

A : Children are not going to get beaten up. We will teach them skills to help them defend themselves which include kicking and punching.

You child's welbeing is important to us as it is to you.

3: Does my child have to fight?

A: Unfortunately, Yes! That is how they learn. However, in the early months they will be doing very light contact. Nothing hard. Just to get the used to positioning of their kicks. Kids love semi-contact sparring.

You will be able to watch. You will see it not aggressive and competitions are optional.

4: What do they wear?

A: Children initially should ware tracksuit type leggings and a t-shirt.

They will train in bare feet. You should also give them a drink of water as it gets rather warm when training.

5: How often do they train?

That depends on you! The club they join is called a ROOT club. Their root club trains usually once a week. But they can also train in our other clubs

( we call this club hopping ). Club hopping is encouraged and there is NO extra fee for club hopping once your fees are up to date in your ROOT club.

There are often extra classes every week in the root club and again these are free.

6: Do they need a Taekwondo Uniform?

A: Yes! But not just yet.. Wait about 5 or 6 weeks to make sure your child is going to stay training. If your little one starts to give you brain damage about getting a Taekwondo uniform, just tell them you have ordered it and it will take a few weeks to arrive. We supply quality Taekwondo uniforms at wholesale prices.

7: Ok, I am interested, what's next?

A: Great! delighted to have you are on board. There is a Green button below. Please click that and fill in the information. We will contact you by return with details of the next class.

Your child's first class is FREE.

Let them have a go and see how they get on .

Looking forward to meeting you both very soon.

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Receiving my 6th Dan Black Belt in April
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